How to invest profitably in property


With property investment, there are a handful of ways to do it. The concepts are easy to understand but complex to implement and execute. Real estate gives investors another portfolio asset class diversifying and limiting risks.

It works with cash flow which means income flow has to exceed expenses. It works for short-term vacation rentals and long-term residential and short-term commercial rentals.

 There are two major ways to generate cash

  • Buying and holding
  • Flipping contracts and renovations.

Renovation flips

Flip culture has been trendy over the recent years due to the high demand for trendy modern finishing. Home flipping requires a lot of money and can be hard if you do not have the required experience to help you choose the perfect home. The big question remains: will you make money or suffer losses.

It can be a daunting task to look for and find the perfect house especially if you do not have the right network with real estate agents. The best advice is to go for the ugliest house in the perfect neighborhood. You can flip the house to an eye-catching and most beautiful one on the entire street.



Contract flipping

All you need is a motivated buyer and a distressed seller with contract flipping. It provides a shortcut to looking for a buyer after you sign a contract. This gives you the security of a ready market once the renovation is done. Find vacant homes that are behind on their mortgage. Vacant homes are prime for flipping opportunities with distressed sellers.

Long term residential rental

People are always moving and looking for better places to live. This means booming business for property owners. Most real estate investors make money through long-term buy and hold of property. The location of the property is one thing you should bear in mind. The location of a property increases its asset value over time and allows you to rent the property to long-term tenants.

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate involves developers flipping properties and developing them, increasing their value, eventually increasing their value. Shopping malls and large commercial buildings in a good location attract buyers who need offices to run their businesses. This is why upgrading and renovations will increase their net incomes over time.



Vacation rentals

Vacation rentals are currently a booming business. After covid 19, people tend to retain their indoor lifestyle but in a more luxurious way. Not everyone seems to enjoy the outdoor anymore.

Tourists seem to enjoy this kind of home too. Places like Los Angeles, Miami, and much more are well known for high-demand short-term rentals.


Leasing property is a great way to make money without spending your money. The main goal of leasing is to buy. It works well when the market is climbing because you create a preset price at which you can later purchase the property. You can change your rights and sell the property to another potential buyer. You can also buy the property at a discount if the market climbs substantially.

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