Top Ten Famous Beaches In The World


1.Gold Coast (Australia).

Australia’s Gold Coast is located in the middle of Australia’s east coast and south of Brisbane. It consists of a section of about 42 kilometers long and more than 10 high-quality beaches. The Gold Coast is named after its charming golden beaches. The climate is pleasant, the sun is full, and the waves are steep. It is a paradise for surfers and the best place for surfing and skiing. In addition to the beach, customers can also visit many theme parks, such as the fascinating movie world or the sea world. If you still have energy, you can visit various clubs and beer bars. This is a good place to enjoy summer vacation.


2.Negril Marine (Jamaica).

Nigerel Beach in Jamaica has become one of the top ten famous beaches because the weather is always beautiful and stable. Surprisingly, Jamaica was not affected during the entire October of the hurricane season. The beach has 17 miles of truly charming white sand. The restaurants open along the coastline have a peaceful atmosphere. Jamaica’s summer may be more attractive because there are no crowded tourists on the beach and hotel occupancy rates are 30% lower than in winter.

3.Cunkane Beach (Mexico).

All beaches in Mexico are free, as is the Cunkane Beach. Soaking up the sun on the beach is the most romantic thing. The umbrellas here are unique and charming: the umbrella cover is made of straw and supported by thick branches, simple and romantic. When you are tired, you can lie on a blue and white chair with colorful drinks. It looks so colorful all summer. February and March are the busiest times of the year, and there are many storms in September and October.


4.Boracay (Philippines).

Although not as famous as other beaches, its "white sand" has won many awards. The sea here is very shallow, and the sand here is brighter than most beaches on the island. There are more than 350 beach scenic spots and 2000 guest rooms. I believe you will find the goal. There are also various restaurants, beer bars and small hotels on the beaches of Boracay.


5.Hawaii Beach (United States).

As one of the most famous beaches in the world, Hawaii's beaches are located on the island of Honolulu. The climate here is oceanic. On the beaches of Hawaii, you can fully feel the charm of a comfortable island with world characteristics, because tourists and many celebrities from all over the world gather here. The best time to visit Hawaii beaches is from mid-December to the end of March the following year. But from April to mid-December, you can enjoy the best price. The temperature in summer is maintained at around 30 degrees Celsius.


6.Viti Levu Beach (Fiji).

 Located in the center of the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji Island is a world-famous resort and tourist paradise. This is a small island with many practice fields. When tourists are on vacation in Fiji, they often dress casually, carrying a box of beer and tents, and admire the sunset on the white sand beach. Fiji has many islands, and these islands are surrounded by coral reefs. Colorful marine fish frolicking among the corals, dyeing the entire sea with color. This is why the ordinary sea is blue, while the Fijian sea is colored.


7.Phuket Beach (Thailand).

Phuket Beach, known as the top ten beaches, actually refers to the beach on Phi Phi Island in the southeast of Phuket Island in Thailand, not Patpong Beach. Phi Phi Island is a sister island composed of two main islands, rich in shrimp. The soft and white beaches, blue waters, natural caves and unspoiled natural scenery have made her stand out from more than 30 outlying islands around Phuket and become one of the most popular resorts in recent years.


8.Canary Island Beach (Spain).

The Canary Islands are located in northwest Africa and belong to an autonomous region of Spain. Tenerife, known as the "Eternal Island", is one of these islands. The Canary Islands are very close to the equator, so the temperature is between 20-25 degrees and the weather is almost perfect. It is a good choice for many couples to go on vacation. The sky here is blue, the sea is calm, but the air is a bit dry. 9. South Beach (Florida). The beaches of southern Florida are white and shiny. Oats, palm trees, sea vines, etc. grow on both sides of the coast. The almost white quartz washed by the sea is crystal clear. People enjoy the sun or read under the umbrella. On the shallows, innocent children build castles from sand on the beach and swim in the sea. South Beach, Florida is a paradise for those who like to spend the summer lying on the beach.


9.Rio de Janeiro beach (Brazil).

Monte Cristo is a symbol of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The statue of Christ on the top of the mountain is 38 meters high and weighs 1,145 tons. It stands on the 710-meter-high Monte Cristo with open arms. However, the most beautiful scenery in Rio de Janeiro is the beaches. The most famous of its 17 beaches are Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach.

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