Have A Nice Holiday With Your Girlfriend In Pink Sands


The pink sand beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas was named the sexiest beach in the world by Newsweek. The pink sand beach is about three miles long, with clear water and fine sand.

The real pink gravel is its most distinctive feature.

Pink is the most feminine color, it always reminds people of the image of beautiful girls.

It is difficult to associate pink with the beach. However, in the paradise island of Bahamas, there are beautiful pink sand beaches hidden. The pink "sand" is a mixture of white coral powder from the remains of foraminifera, a species found offshore the Bahamas. The proportion of foraminifera debris is high enough to make the beach pink, which is why the beach on the Bahamas Harbour Island is only pink. The sand is about three miles long and fifty to one hundred feet wide. It looks pink, brightly colored, and very fine in the sand.

The Bahamas has 100,000 square miles and is known as the clearest sea in the world. Faced with the turquoise water, explorers can hardly resist the urge to dive.

This is a fantastic underwater world. The beautiful underwater world of the Bahamas is one of the best diving sites in the world. The ancient shipwreck is hidden in the clear water, and colorful tropical fish dance around you. These beautiful waters are also a paradise for anglers, with many marlins, sailfish and barracudas. The blue skies of the Bahamas also provide novice pilots with opportunities to hone their flying skills and explore success. The beach in Nassau, Bahamas is the color of pink beach, which makes people think it is full of flowers. It turns out that the entire beach is made up of red coral that has been washed into powder by the sea. Even on weekdays, the streets of Nassau are full of joy.

For those who want to explore Bahamian culture, you cannot miss the National Gallery of Bahamas, where you can experience the pulse of modern Bahamian culture.

If you want to feel the prosperity of the Bahamas, please join the parade of revellers celebrating Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a carnival in the Bahamas. The locals are dressed in costumes and the colorful parade dances to the rhythm of cow bells, drums and whistles.

The Bahamas has become a world-class golf resort due to its unique geography and climate. Golf enthusiasts can swing on famous golf courses in the Bahamas, including the 18-hole golf course at the Four Seasons Resort designed by Greg Norman. If you like water sports, you can explore the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea on a private yacht or small sailboat.

 The world's top brands have their own stores here, and you can find everything you need or want in the Bahamas. From duty-free luxury goods to traditional straw-woven local handicrafts, the Bahamas offers a wide variety of goods that even shopaholics can dazzle, and its services make even the wealthiest elite feel unique.

 The trip to the Bahamas is also a tasting and feast. There are elegant Dune designed by internationally renowned chef and restaurant owner Jean-George Vongerichten, and legendary Japanese restaurant Nobu run by chef Nobu mat Suhisa. The delicacies prepared by the Otter Island Landing Restaurant will make your mouth water. If you want to know where to spend your honeymoon or summer vacation with your girlfriend, come to Pink Beach and have fun!

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